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dangers of cooking with halogen heat

Dangers of Cooking with Halogen Heat – Risks, Safety Tips

Popular and modern new-age kitchen appliances such as halogen hobs and oven generate extreme heat instantly. These ovens radiate heat through bursts of red light and halogen then spreads the heat through the air pressure. In some equipment’s, the halogen heat is transferred throughout the oven or the hob, cooking the food directly and evenly...Read More
safety tips of halogen cooking

Best Electric Cookers with Halogen Hobs | 2021

Do I smell food cooking? Probably not, otherwise you wouldn’t be here looking for the perfect and most suitable cooker with a halogen hob for your kitchen. Are you looking for both, an electric cooker and stove in one? Well, don’t worry. You have come to the right place. We have reviewed for you the...Read More
pans for ceramic hob

Best Pan Sets for Ceramic Hobs | 2021

Halogen hobs usually have Ceramic surfaces which are easy to clean, but also very delicate. It’s easy to scratch if you use the wrong utensils. If you have recently started using your new ceramic halogen hob, you should definitely buy the right appliances to keep it shiny and tidy. In this blog, we will tell...Read More
how to clean halogen hob

9 Easy Steps to Clean your Halogen Hob | 2021

Are you looking for the best ways and ingredients to clean your halogen hob? Explore no further. We have for you all the methods you need to apply and things you can find at home easily to remove those tough burn marks. Halogen hobs are meant to look sleek and shiny. Not only for its...Read More
dangers of halogen cooking

Halogen Stoves vs Induction Stoves | 2021

Unlike before, the world works at a very fast pace where everything done quicker and easier is the best way out. Speed has always been a huge part of cooking. It is an important factor to consider when choosing the correct stove for your modern-day cooking. Today, when people lead a busy life, all they...Read More

Best Halogen Patio Heaters of 2021

Halogen Heaters are easy to install, environmentally friendly, and ideal for outdoor areas such as patios and terraces. Halogen is the element used in their heating lamp and bulb.   Why are they called Halogen Heaters? Halogen is not the main heating element because halogen gases are used to increase the brightness and lifespan, and prevent...Read More
best heater for room

Everything You Need To Know About ARGO Halogen Heaters | 2021

Argo halogen heaters are amongst the top of the line products when it comes to sustainability. Their fantastic design, special attention to space orientation and requirements, and approach to eco-friendly technology that saves energy is commendable.  Argo Drum Halogen StoveDrum Halogen heater is a latest addition to their line of top-quality halogen heaters. Calorella I200s,...Read More
Best Halogen Heaters To Buy in 2020

Best Halogen Heaters- Pros, Features, Working | 2021

When it comes to energy-efficient space heaters, there is hardly anything that can beat halogen heaters. Besides being energy-efficient, there are many other benefits of Halogen heaters. There are various models of this device in the market that are cost-efficient, easy to use and perfect for cold temperatures. If you are wondering about the best...Read More
Difference between Quartz Heaters and Halogen Heaters

Quartz vs Halogen Heaters

You can easily understand the difference between quartz & halogen heaters before making your choice on which do you want to purchase. But, 90% of people blindly purchase a heater & realize that this was not the right one for them. Well, in this article we will try to make you well equipped with the...Read More